A Global View

Where do you want to live? For many, that is a simple question to answer. I want to live in this neighborhood or that neighborhood, in this school district, or that community. For some of us, all we know is where we don’t want to live – where we currently are. For those people the question gets a little trickier because there are so many choices. That question gets even harder when where you know you don’t want to live is in the country you are living in. With the whole world as a possibility, how do you possibly choose somewhere? You could probably eliminate the countries which are highly unstable such as Iraq, Somalia and Syria, but that still leaves you with most of the world. You could look at the various rankings of best places to live in the world, or cheapest places to life. That is not a bad option, but what you consider important may not be the same as the people who did the ranking. What is needed is a handy, easy to use tool that allows you to create your own top ten list based on what matters to you. Stay tuned, because that is exactly what this site will provide. In fact, it is being developed as we speak!

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